Discover Your Intuitive Gifts In A Year

The wait is over!

We took a two year hiatus from this popular program to focus on other books, projects and classes.
People from all over world have asked if, and when, we would offer The Apprenticeship Program again.
Well, we have been listening, and planning for this moment.
Due to multiple requests, we are thrilled to offer this amazing program for 2017!
Now is your chance to sign up to learn from Cyndi Dale, internationally renowned author, healer and intuitive consultant, via bi-monthly tele-classes.

What You Will Learn

Uncover your special spiritual gifts

Practice with each gift

Integrate your main gifts into your professional life

Presentation of the most thourough explanation of energetics and the spiritual gifts —ever, including powerful discussions about interference, spirits, omens, manifesting, removing cords and curses, releasing blocks, futuring, dimensions and zones, visioning, healing, access to universal forces, protection, boundaries and more

Personal healing and support in learning how to manifest and become prosperous

Led by Cyndi Dale, internationally renowned author, speaker and intuitive consultant, via bi-monthly tele-classes.

Your spiritual gifts are an extension of psychic or intuitive abilities, which are subtle energy means of communicating. These are key for healing and manifesting for self and others–for receiving insight and guidance and offering the same.

They are also the means for fulfilling your unique destiny.

We are all invested with spiritual gifts. In fact, there are twelve main types of gifts, each of which can be developed to nurture our personal relationships, professional expertise, and used to perform healing and manifesting. In this one-year flagship program, which has garnered rave reviews and transformed hundreds of lives, you'll be shown how to pinpoint and develop your own amazing abilities, the foundation for spiritual destiny and a healthy, loving life.

Hundreds have taken this course, most recently through the teleseminar version, which has invited international participation. We were NOT going to teach this program during 2017, but after 5 years of offering this program "on-line" and five previous years of Cyndi teaching it in-person, we will hold this amazing program with a minimum of 20 participants.

Learn from anywhere in the world and in the comfort of your own home. All classes are audio-recorded and downloadable MP3's are shared with participants.

Our call-ins are Thursday evenings between 7 and 9 Central Time; 1.5 hours of teaching and an extra one-half hour of interactive participant practice. You will be provided several video recordings and hand-outs throughout the year, in addition to the MP3 recordings from each class. As well you are invited to participate in a private Facebook page to communicate with Cyndi and other participants.

This educational and in-depth apprenticeship program culminates with a final all-day discussion and includes two Saturday mornings for question asking.

Want to know more about this class? To do so is to learn about and embrace your innate spiritual abilities.

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Cyndi Dale presents an intriguing perspective on the soul's journey between the many dimensions of consciousness

Caroline Myss
Author of Entering the Castle and Anatomy of the Spirit

The Curriculum

I understand that you are called to serve others. To accomplish your spiritual mission, you are born with innate abilities that, if unlocked and opened, lead to fulfillment, accomplishment, and success. They also access divine power and grace, inviting healing within yourself and joy in every area of your life. Unfortunately, life often blocks our innate attributes. Sometimes we aren't provided the opportunity needed to develop them. Sometimes they actually work against, rather than for us. That's why it's imperative to develop these gifts in a structured, safe, and illuminating process; in a process rich with information and also unconditional support.

Herein lies ultimate purpose of "The Apprenticeship Program". You can learn about your gifts in other programs, but "The Apprenticeship Program" is the only one that also helps you unearth the totality of your core self and bring ALL of you into the world.

Happily. Safely. Uniquely.

It's the only process that guides you into being a true apprentice – not of mine, but of yourself.

Are you ready to ignite, inspire, infuse, and USE every one of your special, magical gifts in every area of your life?
In other words, you'll be learning just short of everything you could ever want
to know about the world of spiritual gifts, and most importantly, about yourself.
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Class Dates

February 23 Checking in on quiz, elements, Spirit-to-Spirit, five steps, elemental grounding

March 2 More on quiz, sources and sourcing

March 16Forces and virtues (backside chakras), healing streams

March 23 Cords, curses, bindings, fallen angel releasement; initial clairaudience (more on this subject later)

April 6Visual—pituitary and pineal

April 20Visual points of view; past, present, futuring

May 4Ninth chakra, purpose; zymbology (color, shape, symbols, numbers)

May 18Personal zymbology, protection, signs and omens

June 1Vivaxix; nature-based infusion; pre- and post-elemental

June 15Shaman Practices (Above hand outs)

June 20 Q&A10 AM. to 12 Noon, Central Standard Time

June 29Shaman Practices

July 13Shaman Practices

July 27Fields, meridians, consciousness

August 10More fields, meridians, consciousness

August 24Return to clairaudience

September 7Trauma and Autoimmune/Trauma

September 21Disease patterns and autoimmune

October 5Disease patterns and microbial

October 12Primary cell

November 2Special Focus

November 4-5Finale Celebration and closing ceremony in Minneapolis!

About Cyndi Dale

A little more about my work... I've been a natural intuitive since young and offer these gifts to help clients and groups make real and positive change. I do this by offering individual intuitive and healing sessions, teaching classes, and consulting with groups and businesses. I've also authored over twenty books on energy healing and spiritual matters and have created teaching programs. If I had a specialty, it would be that I intuitively perceive what's blocking your life and path, help you clear those issues, and better define and apply your spiritual gifts. Above all, my goal is help you open your "essential energy," the powers and perspectives unique to you. This blessed task keeps me busy. Best of all – it's fun work – the worth of joy and truth.

What else keeps me busy?
Like you do, I live a "real" life. My two sons are my pride and joy. My oldest is on his own and changing the world through politics. My youngest is now six foot tall and still growing. (It's amazing, really, given that I don't cook. Little wonder that he can.) He keeps me busy with laughter, tons of teen friends, pizza deliveries, and baseball and football–a lot of baseball and football. Then there are the dogs. What can I say? The yellow lab is a huge couch potato with an always-wagging tale. Puppy is...well, a puppy. His obsession is barking at the garbage can. He doesn't care if the food in it is "waste." Besides walking them, I enjoy movies, travel, talking, and writing. Now I'll tell you more about my professional background.

Travel, training, and work
On a daily basis, I serve as an intuitive coach, energy healer, and business advisor. Clients are commonly referred by professionals, including psychiatrists, medical doctors, and therapists. I also offer training, classes, and apprenticeship programs around the world. Through Normandale College in Minneapolis, MN, I am fortunate to present a seven-class accredited certificate program, "Energy Medicine: The Subtle Body Certificate," which is also being developed for on-line learning. I also love leading my one-year Apprenticeship Program, an in-depth developmental process of the spiritual gifts; and providing to people in clairvoyance, clairaudience, and healing.

I've also been fortunate enough to conduct seminars and workshops in Russia, England, Wales, Amsterdam, Iceland, Scotland, and I have led groups across South and Central America and into Africa. My training has encompassed studies in shamanism and healing across the world, taking me into the Peruvian, Belizean, Hawaiian, and Costa Rica jungles, the Moroccan sands, the Venezuelan savannahs, the glaciers of Iceland, and other exciting places. With extensive training in the Reiki, the Lakota way, family of origin therapy, and more, my background in corporate social responsibility, public affairs, and fundraising keeps me grounded in what "real life" is like.

Love and Light,
Cyndi Dale

Welcome to the yellow brick road of my writing... I've written over 20 books through the years. I hope they serve as a path to your own joy-journey.

Cyndi Dale is an intuitive with a solid background in science, evolutionary theory, and mystical traditions. I personally experienced Cyndi Dale's brilliance as she worked with me. I recommend her work to all pioneering souls."
Barbara Marx Hubbard
president of Foundation for Conscious Evolution
Cyndi Dale has a gift for showing people how to transform spiritual philosophies into practical, everyday processes. Her wonderful books teach us how to heal our minds, bodies, and souls, and ultimately create the life we desire."
Tina Johnson
founder and producer of Mind, Body & Spirit television and radio series
Cyndi Dale offers brilliant cutting-edge theories and tools to help us break free of old paradigms that keep us fettered to unhealthy patterns and disease."
Alberto Villoldo Ph.D.
author of Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval
Cyndi Dale's ability to integrate practical wisdom, cutting-edge science, and metaphysical concepts in a vibrant, enthusiastic, and engaging manner puts her in the forefront of the new wave of teachers and leaders of this 21st century."
Clemma J. Nash, M.D.

Are you ready to invest in opening the gateway to the stars – to your own essential self?

Come and learn with other brilliant individuals with classes, call-ins, MP3s, interaction, downloads, and ever-evolving, cutting-edge and up-to-date teachings. In the end, it's ultimately yourself you are learning about.

Your Investment

Early Bird Pricing

enroll before January 23, 2017

Individual Registration $2750
Bring-a-Friend ($2500 each) BEST VALUE!!!
2-Part Billing (2 payments of $1625 > $3250)

Regular Pricing

enroll after January 23rd, 2017

Individual Registration $3250
Bring-a-Friend ($2750 each) BEST VALUE!!!
2-Part Billing (2 payments of $1750 > $3500)

*SPECIAL OFFER TO PREVIOUS STUDENTS: If you have previously taken this course, you are invited to take again at 50% off! As you know Cyndi is always bringing new cutting edge information to the the class. Email us at to learn more.
POLICIES: Fee includes a non-refundable $1,000 deposit. There are no refunds made after 4 months of participation in program. Refunds previous to this point are pro-rated based on month canceled minus the deposit. Remember you get MP3s and access to a Private Apprenticeship Facebook page of former and current participants. So even if you can't make the live tele-class, you are able to fully enjoy the experience.
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What They're Saying

Testimonials from Cyndi Dale's Apprenticeship Program participants.

Jo-Anne Brown

Owner of Living Balance Centre – for Holistic Wellness Inside and Out

I've always been intuitive, but until signing up for the Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship Program, I've not really nurtured that side of myself. In fact, for many years I chose to pursue an engineering career, because it was "fact", definite, and there were right and wrong answers. After seeing major improvements in my health from natural therapies and energy medicine, this year I decided – based on a gut feeling - to do the 2014 Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship Program. Even though the course it not yet finished, I've already been able to use much of what I've learned from the Apprenticeship Program to help many of my clients in Australia, the United States and Canada. And – if that's not enough, I've been able to connect with several other like-minded people – which has been such a bonus – all from the comfort of my own little country town home!

I highly recommend the Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship Program to anyone who wants to nurture all aspects of themselves!

Sandra McNaughton

Graphic Designer

What I hoped for was a safe place to explore my burgeoning awareness. What I received—along with my safe place—were cutting edge techniques unavailable anywhere else. Using what I learned (and continue to learn—there is a TON of material) has helped me to transform my day to day life, my work and how I operate in the world. Powerful teachings presented with such humility and fun! Thank-you Cyndi!

Ryan Griffith

Make-up Artist

My experience with the Apprenticeship Program was awesome. As I walked through the years course I felt like each class was perfect for the places and transitions I was in Spiritually. It validated a lot of challenges I had been facing throughout my life and provided valuable tools that I can use on a daily basis in my field. I now have more clarity and use a lot of the material on a daily basis. There is a depth and sweetness to Cyndi Dale that is inspiring and uplifting. Thank you!

Alina Lazarescu

Owner & PhotoReading Instructor at Atelier Einstein and Owner at Franklin Investment

I am impressed with Cyndi's power to command energy. She just says something and it's done: the deepest wounds are healed, the most hidden gifts get activated and so much more. The cool part is that I've just learned to do the same and I'm amazed to experiment with that and all the tools she gave us. Thank you again Cyndi and may the universe give you back 1000 times more than what you gave us!!

Mari Winslow

Owner/ President at SGWCT

Little did I know how my life, and me, would change over the course of Cyndi Dale's Apprenticeship Program, and how much I would cherish the change that occurred in my life. I like the Divine joy and love that's entered my life since experiencing this program. Cyndi is an excellent teacher and guide to life on the Divine pathway. Choose to experience that pathway with Cyndi and experience the Divine within you as a subtle and peaceful energy and ask, How awesome is this?

Vivian Drewis

Certified Healing Touch Practioner

Cyndi Dale's Apprenticeship Program is possibly one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. I highly recommend it as a standalone learning program for those early in their spiritual journey as well as enrichment for those already practicing other modalities. The subject matter and techniques taught in the program were easy to implement and use right away with my clients.

Although I had taken several other "healing" courses, Cyndi's program pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught safe and effective ways to access and utilize intuition. This has taken my personal and professional healing practices to the next level and also fostered a new sense of confidence in my abilities to help others.

The program offered a wide and varied subject matter which included energetic anatomy, disease patterns, shamanism, kundalini and more. It was organized so well and made so easy to understand through Cyndi's ability to simplify complex subject matter.

Cyndi's greatest gift is that she is down-to-earth and funny. She easily talked about her own challenges and gave entertaining examples from her own life. This class was a joyful experience, especially the final weekend in Minnesota and it felt like the learning and information was coming from a good friend. Don't miss it!

Gina Spriggs

Holistic Intuitive and an Intuitive Development Mentor

Cyndi Dales Apprenticeship Program is perfect whether you are an energy worker or intuitive, novice or experienced. Cyndi has a down to earth approach that is informative, healing and refreshing.

Keep the energy flowing.

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